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Ilkay inspires and changes mindsets through thought leadership, speaking engagements, moderating panels, and organizing events.

She dares audiences to imagine that we can use our best talents and resources to shape a better world, doing good and doing well.

Ilkay is an unacclaimed Speaker and Moderator and is invited frequently to attend global events in all areas covering:

  • ESG & Sustainability
  • Investor Relations
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Impact & Responsible Investments
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Value Creation

Speaking Topics

Impact Driven Value Creation

Impact & Responsible Investments


Ilkay organizes and moderates panels, interviews, discussions to provide a floor for open minded discussions, create awareness and impact, inspire and shift mindsets for creating prosperous life for all stakeholders, whilst caring for the planet.

Sustainability Discussions

Ilkay hosts live chats and interviews with sustainability leaders, change makers and activists covering all aspects of sustainable living and economic development.

ESG Panels

Ilkay leads panel discussions with global leaders to discuss ESG issues with specific sector focus to influence the mission, vision and purpose of financial fiduciaries like asset managers so that they can integrate sustainability in their decision-making process. The panels are based on’s articles.



Ilkay organizes events and tink tank tables to provide a platform to introduce new ideas and provoke debate on the critical issues of our time.

Impact Events

Top Tier Impact events support the ecosystem for impact investing with sectoral focus, bringing investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, NGOs, and corporations together.

World Economic Forum

Climate Week


Startup Stories