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London Techweek 2024 Recap

Date: June 2024, Istanbul, Türkiye

Date and Location:June 2024, Istanbul, Türkiye

I was live at EKOTÜRK ahead of London Tech Week. I explained the trends in nature and biodiversity investments and gave a heads-up for the upcoming Nature and Biodiversity Summit in London, which I have been passionately putting together for the last six months.

According to the World Economic Forum, with almost USD 2 billion committed to forest, ocean, and coastal ecosystem projects and a unanimous agreement that all countries should halt and reverse deforestation and forest degradation by 2030, the critical role of nature in addressing the climate emergency is now firmly established.

So, what does this mean for investors? Despite a growing regulatory focus on nature-related risks, impacts, and dependencies, money continues to flow in the wrong direction. In 2022, at least USD 5 trillion of private finance went to activities with negative impacts on nature, 140 times greater than current amounts going to nature-based solutions (NbS).

Given that NbS has the potential to supply around one-third of mitigation needs and could save USD 104 billion in adaptation costs by 2030, the status quo makes little ecological or economic sense.

Degradation of the ocean and marine ecosystems risks costing the global economy around USD 8.4 trillion over the next 15 years, and the ocean is the most underfunded Sustainable Development Goal.

Hence in our upcoming Top Tier Impact London Nature and Biodiversity Summit, we will focus on nature and biodiversity as a new asset class and focus on actions for mobilising more capital.

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