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CC Forum Paris: Investment in Sustainable Development

Date: May 31, 2024, Paris, France

Date & Location: May 31, 2024, Paris, France
Panel Discussion: “Impact-Driven Investment from a Food Perspective”
Lucian Tarnowski, United Planet and Upgame – By Trackman Founding Curator
Dr Axel Hesse, SD-M GmbH Founder, Shareholder & Managing Director
Sarah E. Endline, Sazzy CEO
Pascal B. van Knijff, KARBNZ CEO

During our sessions, we delved into some critical topics:

🔬 Advanced Nano Technologies and Catalysts: Exploring how these cutting-edge solutions can significantly reduce emissions and waste, ensuring the provenance of Carbon Credits and addressing key sustainability challenges using blockchain
🌐 Investing in Innovation and Tech: Discussing the pivotal role of innovation and technology in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
💡 Social Inclusion: Highlighting the potential of blockchain and alternative investment as a tool for fostering social inclusion, economic empowerment and banking the unbanked.
🔎 Gamification of SDGs, incentivization of cooperation rather than competition.
📚 SDG standards and reporting, performance of sustainable investments and integration of sustainability in the start up strategies.

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