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The Empowerment of Aid Through Investment

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reminded us how closely linked global supply chains are, creating stress for the world’s poor by hindering efforts to fight poverty, food insecurity, and famine. This is taking a hefty toll on many African countries. To make matters worse, an issue specifically related to the African continent deserves attention: the design of mainstream rural development. Additionally, global price inflation is having a proportionally higher impact on non-resilient households in regions such as Africa, where there are no shock absorbers in place.

All of these factors deepen the food security issue in the African countries, especially where important food-producing smallholder farmers are not receiving the right kind of support at the right time.

In our event, we discussed challenges of traditional aid models, the need to convert to investment driven developments, role of impact investing, securing returns and scaling up solutions in Africa with the below distinguished speakers:

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