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Why a Living Wage is key in Combatting Wealth Disparity?

“Putting an additional dollar in a rich person’s pocket has considerably less effect than a dollar given to someone on the breadline.” Living wages would radically increase global discretionary income, which would drive economic growth. Boards increasingly need to face up to these risks and work collaboratively to ensure fair profit distribution to everyone in the ecosystem. “Paying a living wage across an organisation is an ESG issue. Nouriel RoubiniAnand RamachandranPaul Smith, CFA and Kubra Koldemir discussed the biggest economic challenge of our times; creating good jobs for everyone in their latest article published at Reuters.

Based on the merits of this article, we talked about how policy makers looking at reopening economies have a once-in-a-century opportunity to re-look at the way the world is organized and correct the imbalances with the below distinguished speakers:

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