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TTI & Blank Dinner

Date & Location: December 3rd, 2023, Dubai

Date & Location: December 3rd, 2023, Dubai

Vibrant discussions and shared enthusiasm characterized our @toptierimpact x @__blankofficial__ event during COP28 week.

Delighted to have hosted an extraordinary gathering where we delved into the fascinating intersection of sustainability and gastronomy! Beyond vibrant discussions, we explored how ingredients, brands, and technologies are shaping a transformative future for food. Special thanks to our partners @belowfarm and @regionique for sustainable ingredients, and our talented Chef Biljana Nava Villarreal.

Kudos to @medubaihotel @kicocamacho @artkorero and @alvarezsaurus for creating a stunning environment.

Grateful to all attendees for embracing a sustainable mindset and fostering connections from the heart. Together, we’re carving a path toward a more sustainable and delectable future!