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COP28 Recap Live at Ekoturk

Date: December 2023, Dubai, UAE

Date and Location: December 2023, Dubai

Thank you Kıvılcım Harika Ertunç for hosting me at EKOTÜRK. I connected live from COP28 in Dubai, and reflected on the key decisions taken in the first week.

COP28 Reflections: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Finance for a Sustainable Future 

As we delve into the discussions at COP28, it’s heartening to witness the strides made in sustainable technologies that can propel us towards a net-zero transition. From innovative renewable energy solutions to cutting-edge carbon capture technologies, the possibilities are promising.

However, a critical gap remains: the allocation of finance.

The technologies to enable a net-zero transition are available, but the financial commitment hasn’t matched the urgency of the climate crisis. It’s time to acknowledge that sustainable progress requires a robust financial backbone.

Blended Finance Models: A Path to Accelerated Change 
Blended finance models, combining public and private sector funds, can be a game-changer. These models offer a unique opportunity to mobilize resources effectively, ensuring that sustainable projects receive the funding they deserve. The synergy between public and private sectors not only mitigates financial risks but also accelerates the pace of transition.

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