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Plastic Free Festival, Gökçeada 2023

Date: June 18th, 2023, Gökçeada, Turkiye

Date and Location:June 18th, 2023, Gökçeada, Turkey
Panel Discussion: “Plastic Free Festival Opening Panel”
At Etki Çemberleri Vakfı (Circles of Impact Foundation), we are working to ensure environmental and social sustainability and implementing projects for the transition from linear economic models to circular economic models. Within this framework, we have implemented the “Impact Positive Transformation with Plastic-Free Enterprises: Gökçeada and Kaş Projects” to reduce single-use plastic. As the Founding Board Member, I moderated the opening panel of the Festival.
Aylin Gezgüç, Etki Çemberleri Vakfı: Overview, Founder
Aysegul CilEtki Çemberleri Vakfı: Overview, Executive Director
Gokmen ArgunUNDP, GEF/SGP National Coordinator
Hazal Evliyaoglu, The Purest Solutions, Founder

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