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East Africa Carbon Markets Forum

Date: May 10, 2024, Kampala, Uganda

Date & Location: May 10, 2024, Kampala, Uganda
Panel Discussion: “Investing for the Planet: Strategies in Carbon Markets and Beyond”

Anete Garoza Co-founder & Chief Climate Officer, 1MTN
Andreas Reger, Head of Project Development, Volkswagen ClimatePartner GM

Highlights from the forum are as follows:

  • Africa’s unique environmental and economic landscape offers a significant advantage in the carbon credits market and African leaders are eyeing carbon markets as a source of scarce capital.
  • Africa can capitalize on its natural resources, particularly its forests and wetlands, to enhance carbon sequestration. Technologies and nature based solutions are available for this, but developing robust legal and regulatory frameworks is crital.
  •  Strengthening local expertise in carbon credit methodologies, monitoring, and verification processes is essential. This is critical for capacity building and job market creation.
  • Carbon pricing is a critical discussion point. Active participation in global carbon markets allows African countries to negotiate better terms and prices for their credits.
  • Collaboration between governments and the private sector is key to mobilizing capital for large-scale carbon credit projects.

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