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TTI Climate Tech & AI Event

Impact can be achieved and sustained with good partnerships. Our Top Tier Impact Climate Week Event was a huge success thanks to the amazing partnership with EthicClimate Capital and Climactic.

In our Climate Tech & AI Event, we had the privilege of hosting visionary climate and AI pioneers, investors, and experts, who witnessed our very first Climate Tech x AI Startup Challenge.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the first ever Climate Tech x AI startup challenge at #climateweeknyc…!

We love’s approach to climate tech & AI because: 
The Blue Economy is the next blue ocean (no pun intended) in climate, with regulatory, tech, and commercial tailwinds enduring for decades to come.
AI is critical to remote sensing for marine management given the unique model complexity, data collection & interpretation challenges.
Big data is a painkiller for any company or government seeking to verify and monitor both CO2 sequestration and the impact of commercialization on the marine ecosystem.  
We believe in this team for its bold vision anchored by deep ocean-specific connections and tech entrepreneurship experience.

Huge shoutout to the other finalists Muir AI and Context Nature, Public Benefit Corporation, as well as our keynote speaker Ben Parr, founder panel: Bessie Schwarz (Floodbase), Annie Neligeorge (Unless), Svenja Telle (Base Carbon), and judges Alessa BergJessica ScorpioPeter SunSteven Bertoni, and Johny Mair.

Massive congratulations to Jeremy McKane and the team. Blue is the new green   

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